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Landmark~ Massachusetts State House Ornament

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Iconic Massachusetts State House Ornament. Handmade. The perfect Boston themed gift for the holidays.

The Massachusetts State House in Boston recently celebrated its 200th birthday. Designed by Charles Bulfinch, it was completed on January 11, 1798, on land that had previously been used as John Hancock`s cow pasture. The building`s most striking feature, the golden dome, was not quite as eye-catching in those days, since it was simply covered with wood shingles. Nevertheless, at that time in our young nation`s history, the State House was considered one of the most impressive edifices in the country. A few years later, in 1802, Paul Revere and Sons were commissioned to cover the dome with copper to minimize leaking. All in all, the dome waited nearly 100 years before finally receiving its brilliant gilding in 1874 with genuine 23-karat gold leaf. Today, situated on a rise overlooking Boston Common, America`s oldest public park, the State House is the oldest building in the Beacon Hill section of Boston. This ornament is hand-blown and hand-painted in Poland.