Montblanc Limited Edition Daniel Defoe Ballpoint - Boston

Montblanc Writers Edition Daniel Defoe Ballpoint Pen (110508)

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The Writers Edition 2014 pays tribute to Daniel Defoe, an English novelist, pamphleteer and journalist, who is most famous for being the author of "Robinson Crusoe" (1719), the story of a man shipwrecked alone on an island. Defoe is considered as one of the founders of the English novel, with "Robinson Crusoe" marking the beginning of realistic fiction as a literary genre. The overall shape of the Writers Edition refers to the paddle with which Crusoe attempted to escape from the abandoned island. The pattern recalls wooden grain and the fittings are inspired by the original book cover of "Robinson Crusoe". The clip appears as a feather, in reference to Robinson Crusoe's faithful companion, his parrot.

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