Multi-Gem Pansy Pin, signed Tiffany & Co. by Oscar Heyman Brothers

SKU: 1801207

Blue, fancy pink sapphires and diamonds are set in 18kt yellow gold and platinum in this whimsically classic floral pansy pin.  Consisting of 48 mixed cut blue sapphires, 5 round cut blue sapphires, 30 round cut fancy pink sapphires, and 28 round brilliant cut diamonds. This pin measures approximately 1" in height. Stamped by Oscar Heyman Brothers for "Tiffany & Co.", serial no. "74551". 

*Shreve, Crump & Low Graduate Gemologist commentary: The Oscar Heyman Brothers pansy pin remains one of the most iconic brooch designs of the 20th century. Created in many combinations of gemstones, these special pins are a staple of any fine jewelry collector's gem box.  This particular pin is unique in that it was created by Oscar Heyman Brothers for Tiffany & Co. in NYC.