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3.05 carat Square Cut Diamond Cluster Earrings (Platinum)


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Platinum cluster earrings consisting two center bezel square step cut diamonds. The first square cut diamond measures 6.75 x 6.68 x 3.87mm, weighs 1.51 carats, and was graded a color and clarity of H SI1(GIA 6282568115.)  The second square cut diamond measures 6.73 x 6.63 x 3.94mm, weighs 1.54 carats, and has a color and clarity grade of H VS2 (GIA 2256208093.) Both center diamonds were graded “VERY GOOD” in Polish and Symmetry followed by a rating of “NONE” in Fluorescence. Both center diamonds are surrounded by smaller square cut diamonds that have a combine weight of 0.27 carats.

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