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IKIGAI Large Pendant Cord Bracelet (White Gold)


Ikigai is a Japanese notion meaning, “a reason for being”
The theory of finding your ikigai is believed to provide you with a sense of purpose and reason. To find an ikigai is to find meaning in daily life and promote longevity in mind, body and spirit.
Individuals find ikigai in many facets of life and it is not uncommon to have multiple. So no matter who your ikigai is, what your ikigai is, or where your ikigai is honor it with a piece of Shreve Crump and Low jewelry.
Start your collection yourself or give one as gift to the person or people who mean the most. An ikigai bracelet a constant reminder to live your life with passion, purpose and love.
An exclusive Shreve, Crump & Low cult piece is finally available on our website for purchase. A piece traditionally made for those who asked is now available to all.

IKIGAI 18 karat white gold large IKIGAI on bracelet cord.

Sku: IKIGD00006
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