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5.80 carat Argyle Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Necklace (Platinum)

This exceptional and important necklace consists of 16 rare fancy intense pink diamonds. The featured 16 round Argyle Fancy Intense Pink Diamonds graduate in size and range in color from fancy to fancy intense pink and intense purplish pink with a total weight of 5.80 carats complimented with round colorless diamonds total weight of all full cut diamonds is 14.42 carats. This necklace measures 16 inches length. Each pink diamond is accompanied by an individual GIA grading report.

Shreve, Crump & Low Graduate Gemologist Commentary: For centuries, pink diamonds have been regarded as some of the world’s most sought-after gems and their regal allure has seen them revered as literal jewels in the crown. Coveted by many but owned by few, pink diamonds remained an elusive possession until the discovery of Australia’s iconic Argyle Diamond Mine in the 1980’s. Located in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia, Argyle produces 90% of the global pink diamond supply, yet just .01% of the diamonds from the mine are pink. To put this rarity into perspective, less than an entire year’s worth of Argyle pink diamonds over half a carat would fit into the palm of your hand.

Sku: 2991816
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5.80 carat Argyle Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Necklace (Platinum)

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